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Street-EFX  Spectra Chrome Custom Painted Bike

Street-EFX  Spectra Chrome Custom Painted Bike

The Worlds Most Advanced "Spray On" Chrome Technology

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Are you looking for the ultimate in Custom finish that will make you the envy of your friends? Look no further. Visit us at our new facility located in down town. We have the most advanced equipment that is capable of putting the most amazing mirror like chrome finish on any surface that you can think of. This spectacular product is not only the most sought after finish in the custom automotive world, it has also become popular with customers that have an extremely wide range of needs. Street-EFX  Spectra Chrome Custom Painted BikeThe most popular automotive applications are items that have never before been able to be chromed. It is a great to see the excitement on the customers face when you tell them that you can chrome their dash board or their speaker housings. This simple three-step process has become extremely popular with our friends who restore antique cars, motorcycles etc. It now allows them the luxury of being able to coat plastic or fiber glass components that normally cannot be chromed.

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